Dick Sayles Speaks at Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference

Firm founder Richard A. “Dick” Sayles was recently featured as a panelist at the 2023 Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) Bench Bar conference, one of the top bench bar conferences in the nation. 

The annual event draws judges, lawyers, topic speakers, guests and other participants from across the country and has a reputation of being the “go-to gathering” for judges and lawyers with cases in the Eastern District.  

Mr. Sayles was one of the panelists in the, “What Do Lawyers Get Right and Wrong at Trial: Views from the Most Experienced Gunslingers in the District” session to discuss a broad range of legal topics and strategy.  

In emphasizing the importance of local counsel, Mr. Sayles advocated for substantial involvement that goes beyond knowledge of the local rules and procedures. The panel also discussed the benefits of mock trials and placed a special focus on courtroom strategy for patent cases, covering the technical requirements considered by judges and appellate courts and connecting with a jury.  

“The Eastern District is blessed with some of the finest trial lawyers in the country, and clients outside the district should take advantage of that,” said Mr. Sayles. “What an honor to be on such a panel of distinguished speakers. I am grateful for the opportunity.” 

In addition to Mr. Sayles, the panel featured acclaimed trial lawyer Charla Aldous of the Aldous\Walker law firm, Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap of the EDTX Marshal Division and United States District Judge Karen Gren Scholer of the Northern District of Texas.